For Addictions: Most addictions are started by some desire to be part of the group (peer) look cool, or as a means to escape… something, (stress, pain, work, life, trauma, your kids, etc.) What really happens is that addictions cause a biochemical deficit in the brain. This is because the brain’s reward system has been continually over-stimulated (drinking, smoking, etc.). For example, when smokers try to quit, it not only results in strong cravings, but also dramatic mood changes, irritability and stress. This is because the endocrine and autonomic nervous systems are the very systems that are controlled by the Limbic “reward” system activated by cigarettes and other drugs. The brain has become so attached to the ‘pleasure’ hormones that are released by the endocrine system that when activated the child like ‘I wanna have it now’, becomes intolerable to avoid. There are physical sensations associated with the need to have it that hypnotherapy can help to alleviate and eventually eliminate. Our program will work with you to help you identify the underlying reasons behind why you started along the path to addiction and will help you to clarify & change the thought patterns, beliefs and habits that you have been living with. We will tailor sessions to your specific needs and include all of our holistic therapies. If you wish, we will work with your medical team, counsellors, other therapists and family/support workers to ensure that you are safe and successful in moving forward out of addiction patterns.