Our program offers supportive holistic therapy to assist clients that are living with a cancer diagnosis. From the initial shock, fear or anger at a recent diagnosis to the difficulty of going through the prescribed treatment or dealing with the new realities post treatment, we can help.

We introduce clients to the deeply relaxing and gentle energy of Reiki sessions, Self-hypnosis to help clients learn how to visualize self-healing and pain management, Somatic stress relief stretches to release tension & stress in the body and Equine Facilitated Wellness sessions (weather permitting) to work with the healing power of horses. 

EFW sessions are a wonderful way for clients to deal with forgiveness, acceptance and courage to move forward with the loving support and guidance from our herd.  EFW is the art of engaging in facilitated interactions with horses.  It is a concept used to assist caregivers to learn about themselves, and develop personal and professional self care strategies. Through horses we can develop new insights into how we present ourselves to the world and how our own emotions and behavior impact others. 

Our program has been developed through our own therapist’s personal journey back to health from a breast cancer diagnosis. 12 surgeries, 6 months of chemo in 4 years left her unable to continue doing the work she had loved for over 25 years. Her journey has been to find the most effective methods that complimented and helped her to move forward with courage and strength.

Rates are lowered substantially so as to not add to the financial stresses of dealing with cancer. Sadly, we can not offer free sessions at this time. 

Private or group EFW-ABC sessions are available from April – October. 

All our other therapeutic and group sessions are offered year-round at our office in downtown Prince George.