Are you a company dealing with new hires, downsizing, looking for inspiration to spark your employees or just want a different team building experience?

Working with the herd, these one-day workshops help groups develop trusting bonds or face issues that may be occurring in the workplace and give participants new and deeper insights into behaviours, issues and techniques to move forward. Working with our horses can also help your team unleash their creativity! These fun and very interactive sessions can help build cohesive teams and groups.

These are just a few of the things you could learn by spending some time with our horses in our workshops:

·         Improve leadership skills  ·Develop healthy boundaries    · Strengthen communication skills

·         Identify most effective group dynamic       · Enhance group cohesion           

· Experience empowerment · Explore a higher self connection

EFW-ABC is the art of engaging in facilitated interactions with horses.  It is a concept used to assist our clients to learn about themselves, and develop personal and professional self care strategies.

Through working with our horses develops new insights into how we present ourselves to the world and how our own emotions and behavior impact others. It is accepted that horses live in the present moment. Through horses we can learn focus and mindfulness and horses offer us insight into building healthier relationships with ourselves, our families, co-workers and clients.

The benefits of working with the horses include becoming more aware of the effects our emotions and behaviors have on others, learning mindfulness, the significance of non- verbal communication, boundary setting and perhaps most importantly, how to bring balance into our lives.

We can also tailor any experience to suit your needs. Pease let us know what types of events you are looking for, for yourself, a group of friends, family, or a business. We'd love to hear from you!

EFW-ABC workshops are available April – October. However, we are also able to offer team building workshops either in your offices or our own in downtown Prince George.