Reclaim your Life ~ Restore your Spirit ~ Rejuvenate your Soul


If you are a female First Responder who feels that you are at a crossroad, or feel stuck or overwhelmed in your personal and/or professional life, consider taking time for yourself to focus on relaxation, re-centering and purposeful personal development. 

We offer private retreats for women just like you, who prefer a focused, intimate setting to explore making peace with aspects of your past which continue to hinder your personal or professional success, and evolving mindset and playbook to move forward with peace, confidence and purpose towards a better future.

Our rural ranch setting north of Prince George, BC offers a peaceful & natural setting for your healing journey. You have the option of staying in one of our guest rooms or camping on the property. We have partnered with some local motels, should staying in town be your preference.

Why work with our horses?

Horses have an innate ability to meet you were you are, they will encourage and reinforce your strengths to manifest what you want to create. Their way of being and how they tune into your energy has a way of touching your heart where few others can go. They are non-judgemental and will help you to find the answers you may not even be aware that you are searching for. Through horses we can develop new insights into how we present ourselves to the world and how our own emotions and behavior impact others.

Equine Facilitated Wellness & Belief (EFW-ABC) sessions focus on exploring limiting perspectives as well as the most complex emotional challenges a person may carry. The horses are amazing sentient beings that will act as a mirror to help you identify and work through your blocks and emotions. lEFW-ABC is the art of engaging in facilitated interactions with horses.  It is a concept used to assist participants to learn about themselves, and develop personal and professional self care strategies.

It is accepted that horses live in the present moment. Through horses we can learn focus and mindfulness. Horses offer us insight into building healthier relationships with ourselves, our families, co-workers and clients. When you learn how to communicate your thoughts in a clear manner, the horse will respond to you.

So why work with Laurie?  

Laurie grew up with law enforcement and has had many friends and family that work in police, fire and ambulance services. She has witnessed how the stresses in first responders has been impacted by the increase in severity and frequency of incidents. Low morale, higher stress rates, first responder suicides, declines in the working environment, friction between co-workers and increased exhaustion among first responders and others has been on an increase in recent years. Many of these factors continue to create a challenging work-life balance and are contributing factors in the development of PTSD, OSI & Compassion Fatigue.

Wanting to incorporate first responders & professional caregivers into her work as an Equine Facilitated Learning & Belief Change Professional, Laurie has developed a workshop to facilitate professional and personal self-care strategies. The combination of holistic therapies and equine facilitated wellness and belief change incorporates working with the horse on the ground and previous horse experience is not required to attend the workshops.

The benefits of working with the horses include becoming more aware of the effects our emotions and behaviors have on others, learning mindfulness, the significance of non- verbal communication, boundary setting and perhaps most importantly, how to bring balance into our lives

Our specialized program focuses on reconnecting with your innate wisdom, nature and whole-minded thinking. We include our other therapies as part of the retreat and this includes Clinical Hypnotherapy to help you clear subconscious blocks & emotions, Reiki sessions for deep and gentle healing, Somatic exercises to help you release stuck energy & emotions, mindfulness and other activities.

Sessions are available for individuals or small groups and are available from April 15th – October 31st.