Parts Therapy:

When is the last time you felt inner conflicts over whether or not to achieve a goal or overcome an undesired habit? Have you ever sought hypnotic help for the same goal more than once?

Parts therapy is hypnosis for inner conflict resolution; and the parts therapy process often helps clients succeed even when other hypnotic techniques have failed. According to experts, we all have anywhere from five to fifteen various aspects (or parts) of the subconscious that influence us in any given week. In other words, we all wear different hats. Parts therapy is a highly effective hypnotic technique to help clients resolve inner conflicts. Numerous professionals around the world help clients by employing either parts therapy or variations, which are similar techniques with different names that are based on the same concept.

Originally pioneered by the later Charles Tebbetts (a pioneer of client-centered hypnotherapy), parts therapy resembles ego state therapy and voice dialogue, as well as other variations going by different names