Our Winning ME Back Program is not just for weight loss. However, although the following is written for weight-loss, it is applicable for addictions as well.

For Weight Loss:

You’ve tried every imaginable diet pill, crazy diet, starvation method and exercise gadgets to help yourself lose weight...and failed. Or you lost the weight only to gain it back. You’ve become discouraged, disheartened and depressed. You’ve even considered liposuction and gastric bypass surgery. You feel like a hopeless case. Don’t Give Up!

The real key to success with weight loss is to stop “trying to lose weight”. Instead focus on a goal that is positive rather than negative. The magic key to our program is "If you change the mental programming, then you change the behaviour." If you are you tired of the see-saw of conventional weight loss programs that seem to only work short term, then our "Winning Me Back" program is for you.

Our program helps you: * Discover the reasons why you have not been successful in the past * Works with you to correct and remove that 'old programming' * Assists you to making the lifestyle changes you want * Shows you how you can create your healthier you

Our "Winning ME Back" program is not a conventional weight program. It is a lifestyle change. We all know it isn't about the food, nor is it simply about losing weight. Our program doesn't focus on 'Weight Loss." We focus on weight control. Utilizing cutting edge techniques, we help you to re-write your negative thought patterns to overcome common weight road blocks, eat and think healthier, control your cravings and increase your energy and self-confidence. You'll learn to make the best possible choices in your everyday life to effortlessly transform your body into the healthy one you desire.

You CAN achieve permanent results using the power of your mind to create that beautiful, HEALTHY you. Each session is tailored to your specific needs and goals. No calorie counting, no gimmicky foods, no starving. Just sensible, natural changes from the inside out. If you are following a specific weight loss/management program – we will work with you to continue to encourage the positive outcomes while discovering & healing the underlying reasons for your weight issues.

Note: depending on your goal, the number of sessions required will vary from 5 - 10. The Hypnotic Gastric Band Program - is for those who have more than 50 pounds to lose.