Join us for our one- and two -day workshops, specifically developed to help women transition from high anxiety, stress, trauma states to a balanced and peaceful state. Our beautiful rural ranch setting is the perfect backdrop for learning and healing. Working with our herd includes reflective sessions in the round pen, reiki sessions in the pasture, hypnotherapy to release deep emotional states, self hypnosis lessons, somatic exercises to help the body to release stress, tension and trauma, and lifestyle & life skills coaching to help integrate these practices into everyday life.

We offer accommodation on site in one of our two rooms or you are welcome to bring your own campers, trailers or tents for your overnight stay. Or drive out form Prince George daily.

This program is offered on one-on one or group basis.

So what will I get out of it?

The goal of our workshops & retreats is to provide you with an exploratory experience that will show you the truest reflection of who you are. We’ll engage in specific activities with the horses to find a deeper understanding of yourself and how your energy and intentions affect the world around you. It will be a fascinating journey!

EFW is the art of engaging in facilitated interactions with horses.  It is a concept used to assist women to learn about themselves, and develop personal and professional self care strategies.

Through horses we can develop new insights into how we present ourselves to the world and how our own emotions and behavior impact others. It is accepted that horses live in the present moment. Through horses we can learn focus and mindfulness. Horses offer us insight into building healthier relationships with ourselves, our families, co-workers and clients and offer us the ability to give and receive safe, non-threatening affection and physical touch.

The benefits of working with the horses include becoming more aware of the effects our emotions and behaviors have on others, learning mindfulness, the significance of non- verbal communication, boundary setting and perhaps most importantly, how to bring balance into our lives.

We can also tailor any experience to suit your needs. Please let us know what types of events you are looking for, for yourself, a group of friends or family. We'd love to hear from you!

EFW-ABC session available April - October