I believe that we all have the intrinsic ability to heal ourselves, although we have lost the ability to do so. Through these powerful, self-guided, proven therapies I am able to help you regain your inner balance, peace and calm. Dedicated to assisting people in reclaiming their health, mentally emotionally & physically, using effective & holistic therapies.

Why Work with Laurie?

Laurie doesn't just talk the talk.. .she has actually walked the walk. After a lifetime of searching and on her own journey back to health, Laurie researched and tried many different modalities of healing. She chose to train and certify in the ones she found the most profound and effective.
Combining her natural ability and empathy with the powerful protocols of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Reiki, clients are quickly able to feel safe and supported. For many, a session with Laurie is the first time clients experience clarity and being a part of their own healing .